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What are the fans saying?

“ pure talent " cefowler6293 
“ its beautiful no extras no bs just pure soul and amazing sound. Thats what music is about... " AlisaMae30 London, Ky
“ amazing amazing amazing! so expressive! my favorite artist! " noellierulz Mumbai India
“ Beautiful music, talent and creativity at its best. Thanks for sharing. ". kiani504
“ as good as it gets!! " danny12741 Racine, WI
“ omg!!! im in love with your melodies!!! " Asmita Mumbai India 
“ My goodness Noshir Mody, really make those strings talk to me! Awesome artist. " . lantoine2007 Laurel, Md 
“ Love the stuff!!!!!! I need more of it! " deanheer 
“ Under a starlit sky: sends chills through me because mysterious melody & tone arouses the human senses. Very, very beautiful. " .. trinkett United States Mi.
“ A star is born, beautiful inciteful guitar playing " simeon.19 Uxbridge United K… 
“ Music is nostalgic... Meditation...It is priceless.. " bhavanarangari Karnataka India 
"like raindrops of joy bouncing over my ear drums " acreation2008
"woooow! this is getting into my soul! " dumahega_04
“ Very nice and peaceful music. I can picture myself hearing this under the stars! karin.tomanio 
“ I never like the "new artists" presented on Jango, but YOU my friend are just amazing!!!! Thank you!". karenforrester
“ Beautiful, thoughtful and professional. " jefwak3 
“ Great Song! you Play like Jeff Beck! " Bernardo 
“ You are a re birth of floyd " sethikanwar83 
“ creative, feeling of infinity " Momo45 Netherlands
“ Hypnotic ! Wow ! " Sean Colombo Sri Lanka
“ I really enjoyed your music. I think it was different , deep and personal." Sarah 
“ wow!!! you made me stop everything i was doing and see who this brilliant artist was. Noshir. wow. will play repeatedly." amiloujoon 
“ Your guitar is magic . I love it !!!" rsr_panda Mexico
“ Soulful! Extremely pleasant to hear. Would love to hear more of this..! sachit.handa
“ Awesome song. You're a very talented musician, loved your song. " Shobit
“ What a lovely dark and confident sound. Amazing " jadiazl_tfjfa
“ I love this music, it keeps me sane and calm. I think I love this music, because you sound like Carlos Santana... Simply Amazing" tatiana.rharris United States
“ Wow! Out-freekin'-standing!Phil Upchurch meets a more mellow Carlos Santana & throw in some Roy Buchanan just for good measure. " rick_844
“ this guy is excellent...!!! " Vane
“ Jeff Beck would be proud of you " Rusted but Metal Guelph Canada
“ Great feeling... I Just conected with the song!... Amazing!.. Muy bueno... Excelente interpretacion...Felicidades... Saludos desde Colombia! ;) "  knatasarmi2_ Bogotá D.C Colombia
“ Beautiful, I would buy this CD. This is the music I could listen to all day " unl.trailside Crawford, Ne
“ this is the first independent artist I actually liked! " Rugile
“ Listening to Under a starlit sky! This is good stuff! Hope to hear more from Noshir Mody Chris Nelson"  Chris
“ Awesomely Melodic stuffs " . constantine.maring Pune India 
“ Thought provoking great tone coupled with the angry-undertone of Hendrix and Clapton in full flight " . gregontong Cape Town South A… 
“ Your guitar cries with regret, yet hope. Thank you. " loganst2010 Beijing China 
“ Absolutely amazing music!! Please add some more pieces! " . santoaart
“ Interesting sound, very haunting . . . " bs1076 Chicago United St… 
“ dude !!!!!! gave me goose bumps !!!! OMG !!!!!! "  ed Stoneboro, Pa 
“ beautiful riffs. haunting melody. brings to mind a breeze enveloped sunset " Thoppil 
“ nice feel and guitar tone, man. love it " sewerside 
“ want to listen again and again ................ " Prem 
“ u made my skin grow when i heard u displaying a beautiful tone wow!love it! " niolasam 
“ I have not heard this kind of guitar playing since Roy Buchanan or should I say it? Jeff Beck. I AM FREEKING IMPRESSED!!!!!! bEST OF LUCK! RC " rick_844 
“ make that guitar -sing- !! Love it :) " . nickrowj 
“ lovely guitar play and melodies that are able to touch an emotional chord :) "rvbmoit Denmark 
“ Love your music! You're so very talented. " . Jocelyn Clearfield, Ut 
“ absolutely captured my heart... " . Dawna 
“ a nice summer eve and a good cigar and a great brandy thats what your music puts me in the mood for" rickandjansplace
“ tHAT HITs ME WITH a splendor i love this yeah " . cymhasanpetre Nairobi Kenya 
“ Soul stirring melody " . npatiladhau 
“ wow thought this was jeff beck " . brentfossett Canada 
“ lost in the poetry of your strings... " . vicki 
“ Under a starlit sky..... Close eyes, listen, drift away... "  rizaneb Bangalore 
“ dont stop mother****er!!!!! "  j_sepulveda2010 Pharr, Tx 
“ Very mystical! " . MissGoodkaat Winnipeg Canada 
“ nice touch bringing out the suttle tones of an electrified guitar...does not sound as mechanical and juiced as powered guitars can tend to sound. " . beijingben1 
“ In quest for an inner peace....this is the music to be with " . santhosh.ramnarayan Chennai India 
“ Congrats! Great music! You have the heart of a great musician! " . chiaz1234 Rio De Janeiro Br 
“ diggin this vibe! " . fixa6 United States 
“ Very soothing. Gives us all a moment of thinking time. " nataliep2012 United States 
“ wow dude! You are on point! " jared.lucas Irvington, Ky
“ Just what I needed at the precise moment. Thanks, Noshir. " fillmore11 Brookings, Sd
“ I appreciate your love for the guitar, you make her sing and convey to us about those lovely stars in the sky. Keep it up. " . greenemerald31 United States 
“ Beautiful, solitary, smooth, peace of mind...just melow. Great playing...thumbs up! ! " . gilboywatson
“ First time I've heard of this artist but I like him !!! " betts121 
“ NICE!!! I love to listen to 'real' music... ty :) "  vnecoechea Tucson, Az 
“ excellent guitar playing:) " . young.joyce1 Jacksonville Beac… 
“ Thank you for creating such soul-filled sounds. They're beautiful and a bit reminiscent of Pink Floyd, whom I've been hoping would influence a new generation. Alas, they have! Keep up the good work... " . kumudalala 
“ Awesome...I wasn't expecting how great it was going to be. Loved it! " Cheryl Gemignani-... Joliet, Il 
“ Did your mother have trouble giving birth to you with that guitar in your hands? " . Mortoch The Hobbit, Shanghai China 
“ wow...i hear heaven " DaGord Sydney Canada 
“ So beautiful, calming and inspiring. Love it. I wish you all the success in the world. " . Jocelyn Clearfield, Ut 
“ WOW WAT A SONG ... LOVED THE GTR " prekna-rulz Gangtok India 
“ Relaxing perfect for a lazy day in Alaska when the sun is out till midnight " Zazzabell Anchorage, Ak 
“ Excellent ... and i live above a jazz musician. You have the touch for varying the mood, tone and pulling the listener in. Thanks! " . IMP Dancing! Elon College, Nc 
“ It's different from main stream music (good) and very relaxing to listen to. " diazv Moreno Valley, Ca 
“ I really like the guitar in this song. I'm not all that into instrumentals but this is one of my favorites" Missgentry99 
“ your fingers are powerful when you are playing your instrument. I was swept away with the sounds of a truly gifted guitarist. " . tempest_storm3 Troy, Oh 
“ bad ass mellowness. a much needed sound in modernity. " shaw.blake La Porte, Tx 
“ WOW, love this...very sensual " . mcb1449 Phoenix, Az
“ Goes into your soul! " judyithk 
"My first like ever in jango was for you. That was really deep. " Dilian Alexia
“ awesome, expressive playing, amazing sound and passionate feeling " shastablade United States 
“ Evocative and peaceful. " Starbright United States 
“ very calming, relaxing, soothing to the ears. ,provokes good thoughts. easy like sunday morning. two thumbs up. play the man's music please. " .  dorsey.charlesv United States 
“ Raw and it. " . bobismark Pasig Philippines 
“ Love the sound of Jazz and Rock. " . Nasiroh Seattle, Wa 

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