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Guitarist and composer Noshir Mody returns with his latest album, "A Love Song," a captivating collection of contemporary instrumental jazz that pays tribute to love and life. The album highlights Mody's extraordinary ensemble, featuring Benjamin Hankle on Flugelhorn, Campbell Charshee on Piano, Yuka Tadano on Double Bass, and Ronen Itzik on Drums. The title track is further enriched by the soulful, warm vocals of Kate Victor, adding a special touch to the already exquisite sound.


Comprising five unique tracks, "A Love Song" reflects various aspects of Mody's journey through the pandemic, showcasing the virtuosity and musical chemistry of his ensemble. The musicians demonstrate an understated elegance, expertly balancing between expressive solos and tight-knit ensemble work. The opening track, "What Tomorrow May Bring" captures Mody’s hopeful, upbeat mood despite returning to a desolate and unfamiliar Manhattan at the peak of Covid-19, while "The Yards" serves as a love letter to the Hudson Yards neighborhood capturing a sense of wonder with tasteful solos from Charshee, Mody, and Itzik.


"Mystic," a track inspired by the historic and charming Connecticut town, takes its name from the Pequot term "Missituk," which means "a large river whose waters are driven into waves by tides or wind." The piece builds gradually, culminating in mesmerizing solos from Hankle and Mody, followed by energetic ensemble work by the quintet. The ballad "In the Absence of Answers" showcases Tadano's evocative double bass, blending seamlessly into a beautifully introspective melody and intricate solos from Charshee and Mody. Finally, the album's title song, "A Love Song," features Victor's heartfelt vocals, delivering lyrics infused with wisdom. The ensemble gradually builds to an unforgettable climax, providing the perfect conclusion to this remarkable album.


Born and raised in Mumbai, India, Noshir Mody taught himself to play the guitar and moved to New York at the age of 22. Over the years, he has evolved into a renowned guitarist and composer, leading his ensembles, and performing in prestigious venues across the country, including Carnegie Hall. Mody's versatility extends to collaborating with artists from various genres, and he is a featured artist on the 2023 GRAMMY® Award winning album "Sakura" (Best Global Music Album). His discography includes the solo guitar album "In this World with You," a trio recording "Union of Hearts," and his quintet, sextet, and septet ensembles on "Stories from the Years of Living Passionately," "A Burgeoning Consciousness," and "An Idealist's Handbook: Identity, Love and Hope in America 2020."


"A Love Song" serves as a compelling testament to Mody's masterful compositions and the ensemble's outstanding musicianship. With its unique blend of jazz, blues, and contemporary sounds, this album is sure to captivate music lovers everywhere.

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